Core changes after v0.0.0

"Register" link in menu widget 9-Jan-2011
Currently if registration is open a visitor must guess that clicking "login" will lead to a chance to register. QP now lets you put "register" alongside "login" if you want to.
Removed a "pingback" thing from a URL 9-Jan-2011
The idea of pingbacks has been dead for a long time. This branch removed one final instance of "pb=1" from an internally created URL.
Improved contributor sorting 14-Jan-2011
Sorting contributors alphabetically by displayed name instead of forum login, corrected a contributor's locale flag.
Floated images on multipost pages 14-Jan-2011
If you had a floated image with not enough text to flow under the image, some templates would float the next item alongside the image. Fixed in all core templates.
Rearrange config array 14-Jan-2011
The order of params in qp_config/_main_config.php now matches the order you are asked for the values during installation. We then had to fix this, then fix it again - oops!
Screenshot image for Sitemap 14-Jan-2011
Doesn't really need one but hey visuals are nice so now we have one :)
Installer broken 14-Jan-2011
"Rearrange config array" broke the installer, this branch fixed it.
2 new email hooks 03-Feb-2011
Created 2 new hooks that allow a plugin to check email addresses for valid syntax. One hook is used by the basic antispam plugin, the other is there because we know it will come in handy some day.
Removed unused files 11-Feb-2011
We had some "legacy" images that were nice to have around but weren't adding value to the product, so we removed them. Only ~140Kbytes but hey 140Kbytes of not-needed may as well go!
Excerpt format and permalinks 11-Feb-2011
If your multipost page is set to display excerpts that detail carried through to permalink pages, which caused a "read more" to show up for no reason. This fixes that.
Multiple admin templates 11-Feb-2011
Restored the idea of multiple templates for the admin side, limited to ONLY changing the stylesheet so we won't have to worry about an admin "template" not having all the features of the 'official' admin template.
Installer still not right 11-Feb-2011
The order of the notes after the database components was scrambled around. "Was" being the operative word ;)
QuickTags improvement 02-Mar-2011
The "QuickTags" plugin now has a color button for "gray".
Basic Antispam improvement 07-Mar-2011
The "Basic Antispam" plugin has a setting that checks to see if submitted email addresses are in a valid format. This requires internet access, so an installation behind a firewall would want to turn this new feature off.
Workflow-related links on the navbar 14-Mar-2011
The navbar showed links that only functioned if workflow was enabled. Now those links are not provided unless workflow is enabled for the selected blog.
Notification email options 14-Mar-2011
Currently a subscriber got the entire item in his/her email. This branch created 4 options for the blog owner; none, the item's excerpt, the item up to any "read more" link, and the full item. The new default is "excerpt".
Issue with "excerpt" and "read more" 14-Mar-2011
If you displayed an excerpt of posts and had a short post then it would always add "read more" even though there was nothing else, and do the same on the permalink page. Not anymore :)
"item.css not found" 14-Mar-2011
What would happen is the "write" tab would always look for /qp_templates/your_template/item.css and add an error to a log on your server if it wasn't found. We fixed it so that it says "if we have that file then use it", meaning no more invisible error filling up a log on your server.
Inserting an Image improvement 14-Mar-2011
Inserting an image into a post is now done with 4 hidden fields and some bits that a plugin could over-ride if desired. The TinyMCE plugin was changed to insert with tables instead of spans because that works better for the author when editing an item, for example.
Floated Images improvements 23-Apr-2011
Some templates were a bit sloppy displaying a floated image if there was not enough text after the image to push the next item under the image.
Also, not really related but fixed and/or added "print.css" files to all the canned templates we have.
docblock error cleanup 23-Mar-2011
We use phpdocumentor to create a "manual" from the source code, and we had some errors. So we fixed 'em. This doesn't help the actual product, but it does tidy up our autodocs :)
YouTube embeds with iframes 8-May-2011
Youtube decided to offer their embed feature using iframes, so you had to click for "old style" if you wanted to embed a youtube video. This branch solves that by analyzing and embedding from youtube if you paste in the iframe code.
persistent xss vulnerability 23-Apr-2011
Problem solved by removing any processing instructions in user-supplied HTML (in comments).
We also moves some html "hacks" to a more appropriate location in the core.
admin "earth" template 12-Jun-2011
Noticed some bits of the style sheet that weren't quite right with the "earth" style for admin, so we fixed 'em.
Fixed Contributors list 24-Jun-2011
Corrected an encoding issue with one contributor's name, and streamlined how we sort the contributors. Nothing "mission critical" but less code is always good.
Posting XHTML fixes 25-Jun-2011
This branch cleaned up some of the mess associated with posting and validating XHTML.
Fix Multiblogs 12-Jul-2011
Somewhere along the line we bonked the multiblogs.php file. This branch corrected that.
Fancy $disp stuff 12-Jul-2011
This branch allows a custom disp=foo page without editing your template(s). Name your file _foo.disp.php in /qp_templates/ and disp=foo will work.
Twitter plugin update 12-Jul-2011
If your post did not have any text (an image where the caption/description is your only text for example) then you would tweet an empty tweet. This branch makes it use the title if there is no post content.
bzrignore tidy-up 12-Jul-2011
This branch makes Bazaar ignore our .cache folders and the legacy .evocache folders (which shouldn't exist anyway). Users won't see anything from this change - it is purely code management stuff.
Template code cleanup 13-Jul-2011
Nothing a user will see, this branch standardizes some of our comments in code. Geeks like that sort of thing, and we're geek-friendly :)
Bug fix with inserting images 13-Jul-2011
If you inserted an image and selected "none" for captions nothing happened. Missing line of code added, problem solved.
Plugins when installing 13-Jul-2011
Instead of assuming a certain number of plugins exist we made it so it installs all plugins it can find.
Restored podcasts 15-Jul-2011
A long time ago we accidently caused podcasts to drop out of the Item list. This branch fixes that by undoing the older branch.
Tools -> system error fix 25-Aug-2011
The Tools->system page threw an error due to not having $app_homepage defined. This branch fixes that, and the "installation is aging" link
Port doubling 25-Aug-2011
Depending on your localhost config, you might have seen the port ID doubled(example localhost:8888:8888/foo/). Not anymore!
User configurable blog menu length 25-Aug-2011
What was "7 blogs before a select box for any other blogs" is now a user-configurable value on your profile page.
Another "evo" reference 25-Aug-2011
Found and removed another link pointing back to b2evolution - the app we forked to create Quam Plures.
Message styles 25-Aug-2011
Green text on a green background and red text on a red background didn't seem like a good idea for success and error messages, so we changed the text to black.
Template "spam" warning 25-Aug-2011
We posted a warning of possible spam if a template had more than 3 linkback credits, but we didn't actually know it was spammy. The branch removed that check so as not to discourage template authors from giving credit where credit is due.
"Main" link in menu widget 31-Aug-2011
We had no way to provide a link back to the root of the installation (other than free html widget). This branch added a "Main" link that points to the installation's base URL.
More "manual" links 31-Aug-2011
Working towards the goal of everything having a link to an online manual, this branch added about 40 more links. We also turned the feature off by default because they don't point to good content yet.
Cronjob cleanup, part 1 01-Sep-2011
Started working on / cleaning up how cronjobs are done, this step is mostly putting canned cronjobs into the test plugin.
Cleanup templating system 01-Sep-2011
Changed type "normal" to "xhtml" and added type "other" (for sitemaps), which one day will allow for a type = "html5" but not now.
CamelCase plugin hooks 01-Sep-2011
This will affect but not permanently damage some plugins: we changed 2 hook names to CamelCase type names to align with all other hooks that exist purely for plugins to leverage.
Image titles and descriptions 01-Sep-2011
Save space by displaying title, alt text and description as title texts (appear on mouse hover) when you are in the File Manager.
Help Popup Windows 03-Sep-2011
We now load the plugin help pages in a jquery dialog box. Looks nicer, works fine.
Navbar Colors 03-Sep-2011
The navbar was built using oddball "browser" colors. This branch changed it to traditional HTML colors.
Autodetect BZR version 03-Sep-2011
Instead of just "official version", this branch helps users identify if they are running a daily snapshot based on the BZR version.
Multiple Plugin Instances 03-Sep-2011
When you install a 2nd or 3rd instance of the same plugin, this branch automagically gives it a code and name that helps you tell which is which.
Plugins Long Description on Credits page 13-Sep-2011
With this branch we added a plugin's long description to the "credits" page. This gives plugin authors a good reason to write good long descriptions.
Uncripple File Manager 13-Sep-2011
We tried a "light" version of File Manager when it was a write page popup, but it didn't work out that well. This branch restores the full file manager to the write page.
Update jQuery and jQueryUI 13-Sep-2011
We updated the version of jQuery and jQueryUI to the (currently) latest. Some improvements will be seen, but generally this is more of a "good idea" than a direct need.
No Plugin Sub-groups 13-Sep-2011
We got rid of "sub-group" for plugins because it didn't add enough value, especially compared to how sloppy your plugins page might become.
Possible SQL injection fix 21-Sep-2011
This branch santizes 2 more inputs to protect against SQL injection. There may, of course, be others but they are hard to find ... and will be fixed when we find them.
Credits bug fix 21-Sep-2011
This branch makes sure the credits page displays properly if a template has bad encoding or bad html in it.
Make the installer a bit more obvious 21-Sep-2011
We tried to make the installer a bit more helpful by renaming some fields and emphasizing some notes. Also removing some stuff that only geeks like.
"Fixing" some intro sample posts 29-Oct-2011
The date of intro-type posts matters, but it shouldn't. This branch corrects this by setting better filters for the featured post list.
Make debug for logged-in only 29-Oct-2011
Adds $debug_visitors so you can turn on debug for logged in only with normal $debug or for everyone with both $debug and $debug_visitors.
List only available plugins on the "available plugins" page 29-Oct-2011
The "available plugins" page listed ALL plugins - even if they were already installed and could not be installed again. This branch makes it show only the plugins that can be installed.
Tweak the login screens 06-Dec-2011
This branch tweaks the login UI in the hope to make it cleaner and more in line with the changes we made to the installer.
Dashboard Plugin Hooks 16-Dec-2011
What this branch does is very simple: adds 5 hooks for the dashboard page which are demonstrated in the test plugin "this is the TEST plugin responding to ... ".
Organize Intro Posts 29-Oct-2011
The display of intro-type posts was dependent upon date stamps. This branch changes how we order intro-types to alleviate that problem.
Debug for logged in users only 30-Oct-2011
Used to be if you wanted debug on then your visitors also had debug on. Not any more :)
List only available plugins 30-Oct-2011
A plugin that says it can only be installed once used to show up in the "plugins available". Not any more :)
Improved Install Screens 06-Dec-2011
Cleaned up some of the installation screens process - streamlined and clarified various bits.
New Dashboard Hooks 16-Dec-2011
Added hooks to the dashboard section to allow plugins to change what we see on that page.
Credits optional 04-Jan-2012
Instead of being hidden in code, not displaying any credits is now an easy option in the back office.
Stub Files name 29-Jul-2012
Instead of naming a new stub "blogN" we are now using the new blog's URL name.
Page Speed work 29-Jul-2012
To make pages quicker for visitors we added some directives to the sample.htaccess file we supply.
Demo Users tied to demo posts 29-Jul-2012
If you select to not install sample posts it used to install demo users anyway. Not any more :)
Groups display 29-Jul-2012
Used to be if a group was empty we wouldn't see it's name so we couldn't edit it. This branch makes it so all groups display even if empty.
API options 02-Aug-2012
This branch gives the option to enable or disable each of the various APIs we have.
Plugins removed 02-Aug-2012
In order to reduce the size of the package without adversely affecting general useability, we removed from core some plugins. They are all still available, just not in the core package.
Metatag removed 02-Aug-2012
The bit of code that created a meta-tag for "generated by" is removed. Almost like another little advertisement for ourselves right? No need for it, no benefit to users or visitors, so it is gone.
Improved logo widget 16-Feb-2013
We added an option to have the logo linked to the installation's base url instead of the blog's home page.
Single Item widget 16-Feb-2013
We added a widget that allows linking to a single item.
Remove @import css 16-Feb-2013
This branch will speed up your visitors experience by removing the "@import" statements from public-side style sheets.
New sample photos 16-Feb-2013
We changed the canned images for the photoblog to public domain photos from
Group for new registrants 16-Feb-2013
The group for new registrants was #4 even if there was only one group created on installation. This branch fixes that :)

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